George Zimmerman Trial: Attorney Don West is Totally Losing It


Don West, the defense attorney for George Zimmerman in the trial for slain teenager Trayvon Martin, had a string of obnoxious moments last week that have made us all question his validity as a high profile lawyer. 

First there was his knock knock joke. Then he asked a witness, after speaking with her for hours, if she understood the English language.

But perhaps Don West's most bizarre  moment was on Friday when his daughter Molly uploaded a picture of his family eating ice cream captioned "we beat stupidity celebration cones." Not only was the caption wildly inappropriate but was also followed by the hash tag #dadkilledit. How considerate of Molly to use such an endearing pun.

And why she would upload that picture with such a hash tag (followed by others, like #Zimmerman) under a public Instagram account is beyond me.

But after his West's office was reached for a comment, his response was "we are not always proud of the things our children do."

As if one tasteless Instagram wasn't enough, more pictures from West's daughters accounts are surfacing of them in the courthouse. In a few posts, Rachel West comments "Knock knock. Who's there? Don West. Winning your case." 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Quickly following the cringe-worthy images uploaded by the West daughters, the Justice For Trayvon Martin Coalition has released a flyer protesting for a safer courtroom environment for witnesses and all involved in the case, specifically for Rachel Jeantel.

Jeantel, the last person to speak with Martin before he died, was put on the stand and subjected to a lengthy, 7-hour interrogation by West. 

During the cross-examination, West asked Jeantel if she thought "cracker" was an offensive term after she stated that Martin had used that term to describe Zimmerman. Jeantel said no. 

Obviously, the racial term "cracker" is offensive and is just as inappropriate as any other slur. However, what is Jeantel's thoughts of offensive terms supposed to prove? Why is this relevant to the defense that is so desperately trying to prove that race has nothing to do with this case? 

Lucky for West, the Instagram scandal — number three of his list of offensive incidents, so far — happened over the weekend when the 24 hour news cycle begins to settle.

However, only time will tell this week how his preventable mistakes will change the course of the Martin trial for everyone involved.