Gay Marriage in California: 23 Images That Show Us What Real Equality Looks Like


Proposition 8 has been repealed, and on Friday afternoon the legal stay of gay marriage in California was lifted, same-sex couples across the state were finally granted the right to marry. Many had waited years and immediately came to city halls to tie the knot. These are some of the couples who were among the first to be married.

All photos were taken by the author in San Francisco.

1. The Plaintiffs in the Prop 8 Case Arrive at City Hall

2. The First Californian Same-Sex Marriage After Prop 8

3. A Crying Couple Weds


4. Celebratory Fist Pump

5. More Crying...

6. Flowers For the Brides

7. Embracing After Their Vows

8. Showing Off the Certificate

9. Serenaded by the Choir

10. Remembering Fallen Leaders

11. Ecstatic With Joy

12. Sharing the Moment With Their Families

13. Surrounded by Cameras

14. Holding Back Tears

15. Celebrating the Victory

16. Sharing a Tender Kiss

17. Supported by a Flower Boy

18. With a Proud Papa Watching

19. While Being Live-Tweeted

20. While Being Filmed On an iPhone

21. Making Everyone Smile With Joy

22. Keeping It Classy

23. Beaming With Joy