NYC Pride Parade Route: Track Gay Pride March Here


The past week has been crazy, to say the least, and with SCOTUS' ruling on DOMA, Sunday is the perfect day to hold a Gay Pride Parade.

If you're in the NYC area right now, it's not too late to catch the Gay Pride March, which began at 11 a.m. and should last through the afternoon.

The march, which commenced at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue, will conclude at Christopher and Greenwich Streets in the West Village, according to the International Business Times. The route, also provided by IBT, can be found here:

Join in on the fun if you have no plans! Sure it'll be hot and crowded, but don't you want to be part of history? Your future grandkids would love to hear about what it was like to attend one of these events right after the big SCOTUS decision.

If you're out West, San Francisco has a pride parade as well, starting at 10:30 a.m. PT. Chicago's event began at noon, so you can check that out if you happen to be in the Midwest. There's lots of love to go around today! Spread yours!

Will you be attending any of the parades? Let me know in the comments!