5 Best Colleges in America That Help You Get Rich


What are the five best colleges and universities in America for students considering long-term financial benefits? 

The cost of a college education has gone up by 66% since 1990. A recent WJS report claimed the average income of college-educated men has dropped 11% in the last decade. As students and families try to manage their finances, more students are putting a premium on choosing a school that will help them stand out in today’s job market.

Here are the top five colleges and universities that give students the biggest 30-year return on their investment:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

2. California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

Average College Cost in 2009: $181,100

3. Harvard University

Average College Cost in 2009: $189,600

4. Harvey Mudd College

Average College Cost in 2009: $187,700

5. Dartmouth College

Average College Cost in 2009: $188,400

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons