7 *Amazing* NYC Summer Concerts For $70 Or Less. You're Welcome.


Maybe you enjoyed last week's listing. Maybe you didn't know about last week's listing.  Either way, I'll be using this space to expose you to the best in live music happening throughout New York City and sometimes the surrounding areas.

Once again, I will do my best to expose you to bands you might not have heard of to go along with those you have in genres as disparate as rock to electronic to my favorite jam bands (you will probably see more of these than you would find in Time Out NY). Without further adieu, here is the list for this upcoming week with a brief description for one show and a mention of another show or two that is going on that night.

1. Monday, July 1st - John Grant at the Bowery Ballroom

On a pretty quiet night in terms of musical offerings, this haunting singer gets the call for playing at one of my favorite rooms in the city. This show, moved from the smaller Mercury Lounge into the bigger Bowery Ballroom shows that Grant's star is rapidly rising.  The Bowery Ballroom was named by Rolling Stone as the "Best Club in America."  Tickets will run you $18 and can be found here.

2. Tuesday, July 2nd - Pretty Lights at Output

After his set at Governor's Ball was cancelled due to oppressive rain and mud, Pretty Lights returns to New York City for an album release party. At one of the newest venues in Williamsburg, Pretty Lights is due to release A Color Map of the Sun, which, like all of his other albums, will be released as a free download on his site. You can find that as well as all of his other albums here on Tuesday. Tickets can be found here for $30 if they are still available. Get there early and check out Eliot Lipp as well.

3. Wednesday, July 3rd - Daft Punk Tribute at Highline Ballroom

With so much of Random Access Memories being recorded using live instruments, what better way to see the music of Daft Punk than using an eight-piece live band. This Canadian group features someone who plays "vocoder/lasers." If that isn't intriguing to you, then maybe this isn't for you; however, with no prospect of Daft Punk touring in the near future, I haven't been this excited for a tribute band ever. Tickets are $15 and can be found here.

4. Thursday, July 4th - Chuckie at Governor's Island

Happy Independence Day everybody. Normally not my cup of tea, for those of you who are looking to get bassed, check out this creator of the "dirty house" scene, this should be a great time (if you are in to electronic music). Though Governor's Island probably won't look like Tomorrowland (one of, if not the biggest electronic music festivals in the world), it should be a great time as the first three tiers of tickets are sold out. Tickets can be found for the pricely sum of $70 here.

5. Friday, July 5th - 10,000 Maniacs at City Winery (also performing on 7/6)

Though Natalie Merchant may no longer be with the band, for more than 30 years, 10,000 Maniacs have been steadily touring and releasing new albums with a number of lineup changes notwithstanding, the band has kept going. At a great venue at the bottom of Manhattan, City Winery has cemented itself as one of the best places to see a show with a great menu and they make their own wine downstairs. Tickets range from $35 to $50 and can be found here.

6. Saturday, July 6th - Deep Banana Blackout at Brooklyn Bowl

One of the funkiest bands to ever come out of Connecticut (not sure who else is in that competition, but my goodness is this band funky). Though they may not tour as much any more, whenever this collection of people comes together on stage, you can guarantee a foot-stomping and hip-shaking great time. Get to the Brooklyn Bowl early and have a great beer from down the street at the Brooklyn Brewery, bowl a few frames, and you are missing a big piece of culinary delight if you skip the fried chicken. Tickets are $15 and can be found here.

If jam bands are not for you, She & Him are playing at Central Park's Summerstage; however, it is sold out.

7. Sunday, July 7th - Brazilian Girls at Highline Ballroom

Fans of Entourage will recognize the song featured above; however, this band is so much more than one song. Blending a number of different styles of music, this New York City based group who broke up in 2010 came back together last year, and despite not touring often, they still put on an excellent show and any opportunity to see them is one not worth missing. Tickets are $27.50 and can be found here.