8 Movies About Teens and Kids That 20-Somethings Love


There are tons of movies out right now, but the only one I'm dying to see is The Way, Way Back, which follows a 14-year-old boy's summer vacation with his mom and her obnoxious boyfriend.

The trailer brings me back to my own early teen days of constantly blushing in front of crushes, cringing at everything that came out of adults' mouths, getting dragged on summer trips to the sweltering East Coast by my parents, enduring the wrath of mean-spirited peers, and feeling stuck. You can appreciate films that capture these classic youth experiences at any age. Here are some teen and kids movies you can't help but cherish, even as a "grown up."

1. The Way, Way Back

We've all been on family vacations from hell, forced to wear puffy life vests or T-shirts in the pool by clueless relatives, and mocked for our "awkward glory" at some point, so it's amusing to watch The Way, Way Back now that we don't have to endure such torture on a regular basis anymore.

2. Now and Then

Seances, bra stuffing and taping, summer fun without the corruption of Instagram or social media, adventures with wonderfully eccentric  friends, and secret crushes? Yes, please!

3. The Sandlot

This movie is a great way to learn who "The Great Bambino" is if you're not a big sports person (it's the only reason I know!) and also serves as a reminder not to provoke angry animals in your neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter.

4. Hook

Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks Rufio's "fart factory" insult is still funny!

"Boil dripping beef fart sniffng bubble butt." Kids today could never be this creative!

5. Home Alone

The last great slapstick humor kids movie!

6. Diary Of a Wimpy Kid

Oh, middle school. Easy to look back on and laugh at, but nothing you'd ever want to relive! Diary of a Wimpy Kid gives you just the glimpse down memory lane you need to see that no matter how rough things are now, they will never be worse than your junior high horror days.

7. Matilda

That's right. They don't. 

8. Heavyweights

Forget Zoolander, Meet the Parents, and everything else on his resume: This is Ben Stiller's greatest work.