Paul Ryan Tweeted Himself Locking Lips With a Fish For Some Reason


Showing affection toward animals is fairly common among pet lovers. What's not so common is a Republican kissing a fish. Paul Ryan, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives and former vice presidential candidate to Mitt Romney, tweeted a photo of him locking lips with a fish.

The tweet read: "Politicians don't always kiss babies."

While most people are uncertain as to what this message infers, it's interesting to note that some Republican politicians have shared a fear of gay marriage leading to interspecies marriage. With recent news on SCOTUS deciding DOMA is unconstitutional, perhaps Ryan's intent is to mock the Supreme Court's ruling?

As far as his comment that politicians don't just kiss babies, Ryan may have wanted to politically endorse the diversity and respect of all species. In this case, the politician may have wanted to facetiously communicate how absurd the accusation that gay marriage would result in interspecies marriage actually was.

Okay. Most likely, Mr. Ryan was simply gloating about his skills as a fisherman.

In any case, as a political figure, one would expect a higher level of professionalism. Whatever his intention was in posting such a tweet, political figures should be aware of how they're communicating with the public. According to Gawker, many people already don't seem to take Paul Ryan very seriously, as stated in the article "What People on Twitter Think Paul Ryan Looks Like."

One reason as to why the public doesn't take politicians very seriously is because of some of their nonsensical messages lead to the question of why they were elected in the first place. Before Paul Ryan decides to share another social media post with the public, we have to hope that he doesn't move on to more extreme deviant acts with other species.

Based on the incredulous idea spurred by Republican Rand Paul, if we don't have legislative guidelines in place for this type of activity, who knows what deviant sexual act Paul Ryan will embark on next.