11 Powerful Images From the Largest Protest In Egypt's History


President Mohamed Morsi's first year in office is marked by massive opposition and spirited protest, the largest ever in the country's history. Millions of Egyptians have left their jobs, families, and other obligations to fight for the future of their nation. However, this is a different story than last time. The battle scars from 2011 have hardly healed, and they serve as a reminder of the hardships and sacrifices that await. These aren't merely demonstrators; they are soldiers.

1. Protesters Incorporate Innovative Methods of Resistance, Like Bombarding Military Helicopters with Lasers

Egyptian demonstrators use high-powered lasers to blind the pilot of this military helicopter above the the presidential palace in Cairo on June 30, 2013.

Here's a gif of the pointers in action, courtesy of Buzzfeed News:

2. Hundreds Of Thousands of Egyptians Brave the Scorching Midday Sun in Downtown Alexandria

The reverberations of political unrest echo throughout the city of Alexandria as enormous crowds cause businesses to close and traffic to come to a complete stop.

3. Demonstrators Refuse to Go Home

Many protesters denied themselves the comfort of home, opting to sleep in Cairo's Tahrir Square so they could resume protesting Monday morning.

4. Disgruntled Egyptians Convert Frustration into Street Art

Powerful, expressive, and inspiring anti-Morsi graffiti like this covers the walls outside the presidential palace.

5. Tahrir Square Cannot Contain the Countless Masses

Thousands of protesters are standing across the Nile, spilling out from Tahrir Square miles away.

6. Egypt's Youth Spearhead Protests With Fierce Vigor

A lone, fearless adolescent throws a rock at gathered police forces. This image captures the strength and courage of Egypt's politically impassioned youth.

7. Protesters Attack and Occupy Muslim Brotherhood's Headquarters

Protesters laid siege to the the Muslim Brotherhood's Headquarters with guns, rocks, and homemade explosives. Muslim Brotherhood officials fled for safety after surprise blitz attack and protesters triumphantly celebrated amid the ruins.

8. Demonstrators Pray Amid the Chaos

Demonstrators remain dedicated to their faith and practice Salah, foiling the turmoil around them with their resolute tranquility.

9. A Masked Protester Cleans Cairo's Streets

This image shows a different side to the demonstrations; the protesters hate President Morsi and his administration, but they love their country.

10. An Energetic Speaker Riles Up the Masses

A fiery demonstrator motivates the demonstrators while compatriots wave flags and picket signs in support of his anti-Morsi message.

11. Literally Millions of Egyptians Take to the Streets

Day or night, millions of Egyptians are protesting. This time around, there's a far larger turnout, and they are prepared for a difficult battle.