14 Twitter Photos That'll Make You Laugh, Awe, and Wish Egypt Well


I spent Monday night browsing Egypt’s Twittersphere. And my initial reaction to the protests, I am embarrassed to say, was, "This is not democracy." Democracy is when you elect an official. And no matter how corrupt, misguided, or impotent that politician is, you pay their salary and wait for their term to expire.

But why must complacency and "democracy" be so intertwined? In America, we perpetuate the illusion that our votes count. All the while, Big Money tightens its stronghold on the  political process. Our congressional representatives have closed their ears to the cries of the public. Our president gave up on the hope he once demanded. 

What I admire most about the Egyptian protests is the raw emotion of the non-complacent — those who take the streets attempting to depose a despot and clamor against corruption. They are doing everything Americans no longer have the guts to do. How have we diluted our democracy so?

Well, today Egyptians are showing the world that the electorate is not powerless. Here are 15 funny, clever, and inspiring photos from Twitter that I found last night. 

Let's all give Egypt a round of applause. 

1. Morsi Asks, "Where Do I Go?!"

In this banner, Morsi appears to have peed himself in desperation. And he asks, "Where do I go?!"

2. "Get Out!"

The Arabic word shown in the picture is one of most popular Egyptian hashtags trending on Twitter and means "Leave!" or "Get Out!" There are a few other hot ones, like "Rebel!" and "Egypt_30_June."

3. Tahrir Square Filled With Millions Of Protestors


4. And Millions On the Kasr el-Nile Bridge and Beyond

Kasr el-Nile connets Tahrir with another side of Cairo. The landmarks are so packed it seems there is no place to even stand. 


5. "With Islam, Against the [Muslim] Brotherhood"


6. High-Profile Protesters Show Up

Actors Gameel Rateb and Mohsena Tawfik join the protests in Tahrir!

7. Three Languages, One Message to Morsi

English, French, then Arabic. All tell Morsi the same thing: It's time for him to go. 

8. Who Says You Can't Protest and Relax at Once?

This is probably a wonderful example of Egyptian humor. This family protests while also staying comfortable. 

9. Anti-Morsi Protesters Ride a Bulldozer

10. Morsi Supporters Armed and Ready

In Nasr City, Morsi supporters take the streets with sticks and helmets. 


11. "Egypt and Morsi Don't Mix"

The irony of the photo is that Morsi has become increasingly against alcohol consumption in Egypt. Beer taxes, as of late, steepened. 

12. "Sit Down, Little Ladies." "Yeah, Or Not."

These women of Mansoura women wouldn't hold their tongues against Islamism. 

13. Two Sisters Protest Together

14. "Keep Calm! Only 48 More Hours To Go!"

This tweet is referencing the Egyptian Army's ultimatum. They told Morsi that he had 48 hours to leave his post before they intervened and deposed his government.