Tamarod Protests: Watch As the Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Into a Crowd Of Anti-Morsi Protesters


In the video below, Muslim Brotherhood members are taking revenge against their opponents. The scene takes place in a town called Bayna Sarayaat. The video shows a group of pro-Morsi youth, but outside the frame is an anti-Morsi rally being held in the town square. A young man wearing a motorcycle helmet begins shooting an automatic rifle in the direct of the rally. If you look closely, you'll see the shell casings fly into the air.

We cannot confirm that he killed anyone yet, but this video is going viral on Twitter feeds in the Arab world and on Arabic news sites. 

This is the Arabic source, with my general translation below. 

From the newspaper: Al-Douster

Summary: A few members of the Muslim Brotherhood enter a neighborhood called "Bayna Sarayaat" with guns and swords. They opened fire on some of Morsi's opponents who were gathered in the town square. The Morsi supporters carried banners saying, "We will redeem our blood and soul for you, oh Islam. God is great." The Muslim Brotherhood also held demonstrations in front of the Cairo University in an attempt to strengthen the legitimacy of President Mohammad Morsi. 

Matt Bradley, the Middle East Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, tweeted the same thing, but credited Al-Watan, another newspaper. 

A more recent tweet from Bradley indicates that the death toll in Cairo is rising, and others have reported there being groups of armed students.

So stay safe Cairo! We're rooting for you. 

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