10 Performers Overshadowed By Their Incredibly Famous Siblings


It's inevitable to compare yourself to your brother or sister. Growing up in such close proximity, sibling rivalry is natural. When that rivalry escalates to Hollywood, however, it's a whole different story.

Chances are you've seen more of Matt Dillon than his younger bro Kevin. Here are 10 celebrities outshined by their more-famous siblings.

1. Emily Deschanel

Starring in a major-network comedy-crime (is there anything more shudder-inducing?) would normally make for a healthy Hollywood profile, but Emily Deschanel is drowned out by actress/songstress/model/everything Zooey Deschanel, her sister. Emily's role in Bones and her zealous activism for animal rights are both admirable, but she doesn't hold a candle to New Girl cast member Zooey's sky-high stardom.

Zooey's in the lead now, but Emily showed her what's what back in the day.

2. Emilio Estevez

He doesn't seem to care much, but Emilio Estevez isn't nearly as famous as brother Charlie Sheen is today.

In fairness, Estevez's work as a member of the Brat Pack helped define an entire generation of film, while Sheen's never been known as a great actor by any standard. The two met up in Young Guns, which spawned a sequel, and later in Men at Work and Rated X. Sheen's recent stint on Two and a Half Men and his notorious media outburst in 2011 grab all the attention in the family.

Sheen's winning the headlines, but Estevez is definitely the more talented brother.

3. Casey Affleck

Tough break. Casey Affleck's steady acting career is highlighted with an Oscar nod in 2007, but he pales in comparison to Ben, his critically-acclaimed brother. Affleck's work as a director and on screen far surpasses anything Casey's done, although Casey's made appearances in Ben's projects like Good Will Hunting.

The two remain close and have a reportedly good working relationship.

4. Jose Molina

Two-time World Series champ Jose has nothing to complain about, but few think of him first (or second) when the almighty Molina name is mentioned in baseball. Younger brother Yadier is on track to win the NL MVP this year, while older bro Bengie has won a Gold Glove twice. Comparisons are especially inevitable because they've all played the same position at the same time.

The Molinas are certainly doing something right, as they're the only three brothers in MLB history to all win a ring.

5. Andrew Wilson

Owen's been in blockbusters like Wedding Crashers and Midnight in Paris. Luke's starred in 3:10 to Yuma and Anchorman. Andrew, well, errr, has a pretty sweet beard.

The oldest of the three Wilson brothers is by far the least famous. The three appeared together in The Royal Tenenbaums, with Owen and Luke receiving feature roles while Andrew was stuck with Father Farmer. Yikes. 

6. Elizabeth Olsen

The Olsens always had a Full House (I'm sorry) of actresses growing up, and while Mary-Kate and Ashley are the stars, Elizabeth is receiving acclaim for her work in the indie film circuit.

The Olsens also have an older brother, Trent, who's stayed out of the tabloids.

7. Tim Hasselbeck

Brother Matt Hasselbeck is a three-time All-Pro under center who reached the Super Bowl in 2006. Tim? He threw more interceptions than touchdowns and finished with a career quarterback rating under 65.

Hasselbeck's on ESPN now, but he's well overshadowed (or aptly shadowed) by Matt. It doesn't help that his wife, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, is a famous cohost of The View.

8. Trace Cyrus

Cyrus scored a hit single with his band Metro Station in 2008, is romantically involved with actress Brenda Song, and is currently working on a new record of his own. He's famous for his affinity for tattoos and his work in PETA campaigns as well.

The only problem? Well, Miley Cyrus is kind of a thing. The two are tight though.

9. Solange Knowles

Solange has accomplished a lot in just a few years. She's recorded with Destiny's Child, won a BET Award and has appeared in a few movies. Obviously Beyonce is a tad more famous, but Solange seems to be doing her own thing and dismisses comparisons to her sister.

Solange has already kicked off a summer tour and continues to stay busy. One thing she could beat her sister in is uniqueness of first name. 

10. Kevin Dillon

It's especially funny because Kevin plays an overshadowed Hollywood brother in his claim to fame, Entourage. He's certainly acting from experience, because older brother Matt was a teenage idol in the 80s, overshadowing any of Dillon's accomplishments on HBO.

Matt's not without his slip-ups (read: You, Me and Dupree), but he's definitely the more famous Dillon. All the more inspiration to make Johnny Drama awesome.