In 30 Seconds, This Man Sums Up Hundreds Of Years Of Black Oppression in America


In a segment rather strangely entitled: "N-Word Vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse?" CNN boosted its rating for people aged 25-54 by a whopping 90% on Tuesday night.

Many viewers argued that the premise of the panel was ridiculous. Which term is more offensive? The one you can't spell out on national television and that embodies hundreds of years of deep-seated oppression and slavery or the one associated with a salted snack that comes with soup? Although the panel was oddly named, it was extremely eye-opening.

It was filled with compelling story-telling from both African Americans as well as Caucasians about the undeniable persistence of white privilege in America. Listen to actor LeVar Burton retell a shocking story about the unjust treatment he consistently received from the police as a black man. At 1:45, watch Tim Wise's compelling tale about an encounter with the police he'll never forget.

Don Lemon flawlessly hosted the panel while giving some intimate personal details about his life. He told a story about being on a date with a white man who was utterly shocked when they were stopped and questioned by police. For Lemon, this was just part of his regular day life.

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