SCAF Stages Military Coup: Kicks Out Mohammad Morsi


The Egyptian Army kept it's promise to Morsi. A military coup is now underway. Officers have barricaded the streets. Some are driving tanks. All are armed. No one has been able to confirm whether or not Morsi is actually on house arrest as some sources have alleged. But the Egyptian Army has banned Morsi and prominent Muslim Brotherhood members from leaving the country and traveling abroad. 

Still, its important to note how incredibly smooth this transition has been. Of the millions of pro- and anti-Morsi protesters, only two dozen have died since demonstrations began three days ago. 

According to the Army's Facebook page, we should expect an announcement from them within the next hour. 

Here are a few photos from Twitter that show what's really happening in the streets. 

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via @Alastair_Beach "Troops lining Nile bridge leading to Cairo Uni."

via @kfahim "Now: 'the army and the people one hand!' But more officers approach"

via @kfahim "Islamists fighting with officers. Commander orders soldiers down from vehicles"

via @Alastair_Beach  "More troops on Charles de Gaulle street just past Gamaa Bridge near Cairo Uni. Feels like the coup has arrived."