9 Summer Moments That You Always Forget Totally Suck


I came to a major conclusion the other day. As much as I dislike the cold months of October through March, I'm starting to realize I prefer winter to summer, at least while I live in NYC. Because warm weather is so short-lived here, it brings a ton of pressure to go out and do awesome stuff, even when you lack the time or money to make that happen. When you're not lamenting the fact that you're stuck working all summer, you're being catcalled by cretins in the street, rained on, and jerked around by unpredictable weather.

There's a lot to love about summer, but following the overcrowded July 4 festivities in the city, it feels like the negatives are overpowering the positives. Here's why.

1. Back-to-School commercials have already started invading your TV sets

This used to destroy the month of July for me as a kid. My birthday is July 25 (20 days away! Woo!), and though I loved receiving gifts and hanging out with my friends that day, I knew the end of the month meant that summer would be ending soon. All the back-to-school commercials, which aired every July, made matters worse.

I may not be a sad student anymore, but every time I see these terrible ads in July, I actually feel like calling K-Mart and the other heartless big corporations behind the clips to say, "Let the children enjoy the rest of their summer, dammit!" And Selena Gomez, you should know better!

2. Summer solstice

Every day after summer solstice is shorter, and the next thing you know, it will be dark at 5 p.m. again!

3. FOMO (fear of missing out)

You know what's great about summer? The heat after what seems like months of chilly misery. You know what's awful about summer? The fact that is seems like everyone but you is going on amazing, glamorous vacations. While you're working tirelessly at the office, grad students/wealthy 20-somethings you know are running around Europe or Hawaii, shoving their luxuries in your face via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Yay.

4. It's impossible to dress for thunderstorms

We get a lot of summer thunderstorms here in NYC, and I never know how to prepare for them. I dislike lugging my Mary Poppins umbrellas around the city, mainly because I either get cursed out, serenaded, or mocked when I use one. It's also really hard to pick what to wear for rainy days. I could put on my Hunter rain boots, but then I'll just look like a frumpy hot mess sweating more than usual. I could sport my flip-flops, but my feet will turn black and touch dirty rain water. I could go with my flats, but those will get schooled by the rain.

5. Getting catcalled even more than usual

Most women know that catcalling is a year-round problem, but it's especially bad in the summer, when the heat forces us to dress down and bust out our dresses and skirts. Some men can't help but sexually harass us when we do this. I'd tell them to grow up, but we all know that's never going to happen.

6. Your drinks sweat more than you do

So here's the thing: I love everything about Dunkin' Donuts. It's basically my second home. That said, I hate that my iced coffees always sweat in the summer, and the water gets all over my clothes on my ride to work. Iced drinks also cost more money than their hot counterparts, and it really feels like cold beverages contain less caffeine.

7. Your skirt sticks to the back your legs on the subway seats

There's nothing I love more than accidentally mooning my fellow NYC subway passengers, so it's just wonderful when I spring up from my seat and the back of my skirt or dress is clinging to my skin. The best part? Chances are, this creepshow is probably documenting it for his creeper website.

8. Hot subway platforms

Bundling up in the winter is no walk in the park, but standing in 100+ degrees while you wait for the subway is arguably worse.

9. The best TV shows are off the air until fall

I miss you, Mindy Project, Glee, New Girl, and now Mad Men!