5 Biggest 90s TGIF Crushes


News about the Boy Meets World spinoff has all the 90s kids swooning with excitement. A lot of us still wish that "Nick at Nite" or "TGIF" would come back altogether, even if it means watching re-runs of our favorite shows.

Disclaimer: "TGIF" was an essential part of every kid"s diet who grew up in the 90s. Basically, "TGIF" was ABC network"s Friday night programming of family-friendly shows. The closest equivalent to TGIF today is NBC"s "Must See TV" Thursdays.

Hopefully, this new spinoff will inspire a TGIF comeback. Until that happens, lets reminisce and marvel in our biggest TGIF Crushes:

1. Uncle Jesse - Full House

No one could make being a high school drop out look so cool. Not only was he easy on the eyes, he had a motor bike, plenty of leather, and was the lead singer in his band. What more could one ask for? (He even went back to finish high school so he could pursue higher education.)

2. Shawn - Boy Meets World

Cory and Shawn were both adorable but let's face it, Shawn was the hotter one. Who didn't love his long locks, sense of humor, and bad boy charm?

3. Stefan - Family Matters

I kind of always waited for the episodes where Urkel would transform into Stefan. Stefan was everything Urkel was not, and you always wondered how was this possible ... Handsome, smart, well put together … Urkel possessed all these noble qualities too but Stefan was just oh so fine ...

4. Rebecca - Full House

OK, I know I am repeating a show, but I love love love love REBECCA! She had impeccable taste in clothes, men (scroll up to #1), and was always the perfect role model for all the girls in the Tanner house. #Girlcrushstatus

5. Harvey - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

This show was Melissa Joan Hart's claim to fame. Not only were we envious of her witch's license and her cute 90s wardrobe (who doesn’t remember her cool beaded tattoo chokers?), but let’s not forget her oh-so-cute-total-jock boyfriend.