Jon Stewart "Crossfire": CNN’s Partisan Hacks Will Fail Us Again


I am a big fan of debate. After spending almost half of my life participating in Model UN, seeing students debate each other is incredibly entertaining. I love ESPN's First Take, and watching Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith rip each other's heads off about the day in sports. Although Model UN and First Take provide first-rate theater to any debate junkie, neither has the weight or responsibility of CNN. Once again, the fledgling network is trying to boost its ratings by bringing back everyone's favorite show of partisan hackery: Crossfire.

It seems like CNN is quick to forget the spanking it received from Jon Stewart in 2004. In 14 minutes, Stewart explained everything that's wrong with the mainstream media and the show's premise. In sum, Stewart said that the show is failing in its responsibility to enhance the public discourse, destroyed Tucker Carlson for wearing a bowtie, and suggested that the hosts go to a journalism school.

More absurdly, CNN's master plan to regain its place in the ratings includes none other than Newt Gingrich. As a young conservative, I do not really see why 15 years past his glory days the media is allowing Newt Gingrich to keep himself relevant. Rather, his presence on the show will turn into reciting the rhetoric of the 90s Republican Party.

S.E Cupp adds a nice younger touch to the panel, which I do not mind. Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter are both fresher faces that will provide nice insight from the left.

My challenge to this new cast of characters is to provide an honest discussion of the issues of today from their perspectives. No one wants to see them toe the Republican and Democratic party lines. We can watch CSPAN if we want to see that.

Bottom line: I will definitely tune in to see if the show is any good. However, I really do not have high hopes.