'True Blood' Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Say Hello to Your Fairy-Vampire


Finally, this season delivers an opening scene that’s worth gasping for! Ben is a vampire?! Wait, Ben’s a fairy-vampire?? Double wait, BEN IS WARLOW?!? I knew I couldn’t trust him — my True Blood intuition is totally on point this season

This all unfolds after Jason is knocked unconscious by Bill at the end of the last episode. Ben draws his fangs (GASP!) and heals Jason with his blood. Sookie later realizes Ben’s a vampire after finding a drop of vamp blood on her floor (and after witnessing Jason, all hopped up on V, doing an insane amount of pull-ups at home). When Jason tells Grandpa Niall that he’s having sexy dreams of Ben, Niall remembers an old tale of a vampire who was able to turn a fairy, and they too realize that Ben is not who he says he is.

While Sookie cooks up a plan (literally) to “test” Ben (she invites him over for dinner), Niall and Jason head over to Ben’s house, with fairy light and shotgun in hand, respectively, to kill him. In a very naive move that does NOT reflect a fae king with centuries of experience and knowledge of vampires, Niall forgets that Ben probably heard and smelt the two from a mile away. Ben ends up zapping Niall with his own fairy-vampire light and then glamors Jason to stay away from Sookie’s house and to tell Niall goodbye, because it’ll be the last time he sees him. Ben then proceeds to suck Niall's blood ... and spit it out.

Later that night, Ben banishes a very weak, blood-deprived Grandpa Niall to the same black hole Warlow came from. This is because BEN IS WARLOW. Not only is Ben the fairy-vampire from Niall’s tale earlier in the episode, but he’s Warlow — he ravaged Niall’s village, killed Niall’s family and is seeking to claim Sookie. The only reason he spared Niall as a child is because he wanted to keep the fae bloodline alive. And for some reason, he doesn’t kill Niall, sparing his life again. I suspect Niall will find a way out of the black hole later this season. 

So there we have it folks, Warlow is Ben is a fairy vamp. Turns out he’s not as boring as I thought. 

Ben then arrives at Sookie’s house with flowers and wine in hand. He charms her, passes her “test” (in other words, doesn’t react to the silver in his food) and feeds her some line about how she’s the first person who understands him. Sookie puts on mood music and starts making out with Ben .. .er, Warlow ... Barlow? Anyway, just when we think she’s going to be that same stupid girl again and give it all up, she half-nakedly powers up her fairy light and warns, “Get the fuck off me or die, Warlow.” And with that, the episode ends on the sweet, sweet notes of Etta James’s “At Last.” 

Now that we’ve gotten Barlow out of the way, let’s get to the other story lines this episode — they were just as important. Eric finds where Tara hid Willa, Governor Burrell’s daughter. Willa vows to do anything to help Eric because she’s on his side — that, and she obviously really wants to have sex with him. Eric, in turn, makes her into a vampire and then orders her back to the Governor’s mansion. His hope is that the Governor will see the humanity in his own daughter and treat vampires as people, not monsters. Unfortunately Eric’s plan goes awry when Willa is unable to control her baby vamp fangs and tries to bite her dad. Sarah, Reverend Newlin’s wife, shoots Willa and tells the Governor to let her go and put her in “camp.”

Speaking of the prison camp, Nora, Pam and Ginger are arrested and taken there. No clue what they’ll do with poor human Ginger. 

Right before Nora is arrested at the beginning of the episode, she tells Grandpa Niall that she’s looking for Warlow because only he can kill Lilith. Nora believes Warlow, as Lilith’s progeny, is the only one who can lead Lilith to the sun, and save humans and vampires alike from the destruction that awaits them if Lilith has her way.

Meanwhile, Lilith’s other creation, Bill 2.0, is staking out the Bellefleur estate with Jessica. They manage to lure Andy’s fairy daughters back to the Compton residence, where Bill can help a captive Professor Takahashi synthesize their fae-blood. Before Bill is able to extract more blood from the girls, he runs upstairs to find Jessica has mistakenly drained all four fae. Oh, and Andy’s right outside “Vampire Bill’s” house with a shotgun, ready to get his girls back. Should be a fun next episode.

But for now, let’s revel together in last night’s episode, because:

-We found out Jason has great foreplay music. He was totally listening to Miguel’s “Adorn” in his wet dream with Ben. 5 points for Jason!

-I’ve never seen Sam shift into a horse, let alone an animal bigger than him, so my reaction was pretty much the same as Nicole’s. 

-Apparently Jessica has her own blog, and it’s as adorable as any baby vamp blog would be. Next week’s post will probably be totally emo.