8 Fashion Trends That Need to Die


History has witnessed some unfortunate fashion trends. From the corset top to the mullet hair cut, the list goes on. Here are eight styles — both new and newly reemerging — that we would all be better without. When it comes to cleaning out your closet, you'll be better off giving these embarrassingly popular trends the axe. 

1. Graphic Leggings

For a reason that is very difficult to understand, graphic leggings have made their way back into stores. And for reasons even more difficult to understand, women are sporting them! These skin-tight designs, flattering on close to nobody, are a trend resurrected from Spice World. 

2. The "Rave" Outfit

We get it, you listen to electric dance music, but the look is emerging too often on city streets. Some stores even cater to the rave lifestyle. If you must flaunt your EDM persona, try to confine the neon garb, tutus, fringe, absurd graphic tees, and stunner shades to music festivals.

3. The "Undercut"

Rihanna can pull off just about any style, but that doesn't make the "undercut" a hair style to be mimicked by any means. Unfortunately, this half-shaved cut, also known as the "hipster cut," has been gaining popularity like veganism and moustaches. Let's hope it's not here to stay. 

4. Earlobe Stretching

It's hard to say when this body piercing trend gained traction, but we certainly wouldn't miss it. This look known as "lobe stretching" is created by gradually stretching out the ear lobe. Few styles elicit such an "ouch" or "yuck" factor from passersby.  

5. Socks And Sandals

The socks and sandals look (only surpassed by the Teva sandals and socks look) has been perennially ridiculed, yet it never seems to fade away. It is the look you picture your adorable yet antiquated-dressed grandfather sporting by the pool — the look you so badly want to see him retire with his sweater vest. Plus, where is the logic here? Sandals keep your feet cool while socks keep them warm. It's a counterintuitive style that deserves the axe for good. 

6. The Overalls

Recently, denim overalls — the same ones you wore to your first day of kindergarten, have been making a comeback. The outdated jean-suits have even been reemerging on high-fashion runways. Overalls are tricky because they work for some (supermodels like Heidi Klum) who have almost made the trend cool again. Most human beings who opt for overalls, however, might as well teleport back to their most awkward yearbook picture. 

7. The Heeled Sneakers

It is all-too-often that you pass someone on the street wearing this strange hybrid of high heels and sneakers. For some inconceivable reason, even department stores and high-end designers are buying into the trend. But when considering investing in a pair, the answer should always be a resounding no. Sneakers should serve a single purpose: exercise. These heeled creations are certainly not attractive and it is hard to imagine they're too comfortable. They might look better in the trash can. 

8. The Tracksuit

Ever since jumpsuits entered the fashion scene, we haven't quite been able to banish them completely. Juicy Couture made the most solid attempt to bring these velour or terrycloth paint and sweatshirt duos back into fashion. I have to admit, they can be extremely comfortable, but no one should be clad in a single velour shade from head to toe. It's time to hang up the tracksuits for good.