Clashes in Egypt: 50 Dead in Skirmish Between Army and Pro-Morsi Protesters


As a post-Morsi Egypt emerges so have clashes between those for and against Eygpt's ousted president.  Monday in Cairo left at least fifty people dead after a confrontation between the Egyptian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The story varies. Each side blames the other for facilitating the attacks. According to the Muslim Brotherhood, the army attacked protesters while they performed their morning prayers. They were gathered outside a building where Morsi is rumored to be under house arrest.

But the Army asserts that gunmen from the crowd and "neighboring rooftops" opened fire on the troops first. Though a few soldiers were wounded from the clashes, only one was killed. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that 435 civilians were wounded as a result of the fighting. 

Egypt's interim officials are already trying to patch up the pieces. Adly Monsour, Egypt's president, vowed on Monday to create judicial committee to investigate these allegations. 

Mohamed El-Baradei, Egypt's vice-president, tweeted his condemnation to the violence. He said, "Violence begets violence and should be strongly condemned. Independent investigation a must. Peaceful transition is only way."