This Gamer Is Bigger Than Miley Cyrus and One Direction


PewDiePie, a.k.a. 23-year-old Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg, or simply 'Pewdie,' has so far racked up over 50 million views and 10 million subscribers on YouTube by just "sharing gaming moments with my bros." 

Pewdie's branch of online entertainment, 'Let's Play,' consists of threads of increasingly popular online videos in which individuals or groups of gamers narrate their progress (or lack thereof) in said games, usually from the point of view of the game's main character.

However, unlike a game 'walkthrough,' which is intended as a tutorial on how to play and complete a particular video game, Pewdie's 'Let's Play,' videos and commentary have a comedic purpose.

Following PewDiePie's 13 randomest, dopest and most popular 'Let's Play' YouTube videos with their respective views ATTOW:     


1. Happy Wheels — Funny Moments Montage # 3 — 22.6 Million Views

2. Funny Moments Gaming Montage — 21.9 Million Views

3. Harlem Shake Fail — 16 Million Views

4. Happy Wheel Funny Moments Montage — 14.5 Million Views

5. Top Scariest Moments Of Gaming (JUMPSCARES) Episode 8 — 14.4 Million Views

6. Funny Gaming Montage — 13.2 Million Views

7. Top Scariest Moments Of Gaming — 11.5 Million Views


8. Top 10 Scariest Moments Of Gaming With PewDiePie — 11.3 Million Views

9. A Funny Montage — 11.5 Million Views

10. PEWDIEPIE Song DJ Fortify — 11.3 Million Views

11. Top Scariest Moments Of Gaming (With Screams) Episode 7 — 10.4 Million Views

12. Slender Part I (Reaction Facecam) — 9.1 Million Plays

13. An Ending Worth Dying For (Bully 23 Final) — 8.7 Million Plays

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