7 Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Osama Bin Laden


When Osama Bin Laden was not planning heinous crimes against humanity, he was growing vegetables and playing volleyball. When he was not being taken out by the world's finest Navy SEALs, his car was being pulled over for speeding. A 337-page leaked report by the Pakistani government describes the final days of Osama bin Laden and the activities he partook in as a grandfather. While the report reveals seemingly mundane details, they actually highlight Osama's ability to blend in with normal folk.

1. Bin Laden Had a Green Thumb

With no access to the Internet or television, Bin Laden regularly held vegetable growing competitions among his children. If the plants were particularly superior to the others, he would award them prizes.

2. He Hated Everything About America ... Except Volleyball

6'4, tall, and lanky, he never allowed anyone who was better than him to play on the same team — one could expect he would have terrible sportsmanship. 

3. OBL Had His Wife Fake Being Deaf and Dumb

During the past decade, one of Bin Laden's wives had to deliver four children. Since she spoke Arabic and not Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, when they would arrive at the hospital OBL would tell the doctors that his wife was both deaf and dumb in order to avoid any suspicion.

4. He Was Pulled Over For Speeding

After 9/11, OBL shaved his recognizable beard to avoid detection. When a policeman pulled his car over, bin Laden's driver quickly dissipated the situation with a few words before the policeman could identify him. This could have brought the decade-long manhunt to a quick end in early 2001. 

5. There's a Cowboy in All of Us, Including Osama

OBL was well-known for sporting a cowboy hat during his outdoor endeavors around his compound. This hat served two purposes. When it was not keeping the sun out of his eyes, it was intended to block his physical features from spy satellites.

6. OBL Was Not Featured in GQ's Best Dressed Issue

Bin Laden's limited wardrobe led many to believe that he had not been in the compound for an extended duration and moved frequently to various locations. His attire included several Pakistani garments known as shalwar qameez, one jacket, and two sweaters. 

7. He Did Illegal Construction and (Okay, Duh) Evaded Taxes

When bin Laden's compound was purchased, not only was a fake ID used, but the third floor was constructed without permission or proper permits. In addition, no member of the household paid any form of taxes. The fact that these actions went unnoticed was either pure luck or evidence of corruption; my opinion is that the latter is correct.