20 Memes to Get You Through Ramadan This Year

It's that time of year again! Ramadan kicks off this month. Some will start fasting on Tuesday, while others will begin the month on Wednesday. No matter the day though, you'd better be prepared for a month of hunger, thirst, and devotion to Allah. Here are 20 memes that will get you through the highs and lows of Ramadan. All are courtesy of the Facebook page Ramadan Memes. Like them! Here are some of the best I came across today.

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1. Keep Calm ... It Begins

2. Ramadan Kareem Or Mubarak?

3. The Real Hunger Games

4. You've Kept Your Fast? Really?

5. Babies Win During Ramadan

6. One Does Not Simply Eat

7. Muslim For a Month

8. What Time Is Iftar?

9. Ramadan = So Many Dates

10. Why So Much Sunlight?

11. Too Much Iftar

12. Breaking Fast?!

13. Even More Dates

14. Not Iftar Yet?

15. Haram, Gurl. Haram.

16. Ramadan Weight Loss

17. Prayer Foul

18. Alhamdulillah

19. No Water. No Water. No Water.

20. Stay Strong! Eid is Coming!