The Worst and Funniest Breakup Story You'll Ever Hear


When you have a choice to make about a break up, you can either get divorced or stick it out til the end.

Or ... You could have the guy shot.

Your choice. 

For $50,000, Julia Merfeld chose door number three. Unfortunately for her, the entire thing was caught on tape. The 21-year-old Muskegon, Michigan mother of two wanted her husband killed because “it was easier than divorcing him.”

Here is the first conversation she had with hit man (actually an undercover cop) completely on video.

You can't help but laugh at the entire conversation simply because she seems so nonchalant and honestly caring for her husband's welfare (to a degree anyways). She asked for the hit to be as painless as possible, since she didn't want to incite the shame of the family or break his heart by asking for divorce. She even thought the pragmatics of the idea through, and asked for her husband's death to be done outside while she was at work so she wouldn't have to clean up the mess in the house while she had her alibi.

She asked the fake hit man to "surprise her," because as we all know, in a good hit, "The more shocked I am when it happens, the better."

She planned on paying the hit man $50,000 that would come out of the $400,000 life insurance policy she had on her husband. But like all real hits, Merfeld had to pay some money up front in a down payment. In this next video she finalizes her deal, and her sentence, by paying the fake hit man $100 down payment. 

Merfeld first told coworker Carlos Ramos she wanted her husband killed. Ramos originally thought she was joking as we all would have. However, when she continued to talk about the plan in more detail, Ramos made the decision to go to the police, who set up the sting with the fake hit man. With this irrefutable evidence, Merfeld pled guilty to solicitation of murder in June and is set to be sentenced on July 30, with the minimum set at six years. Her husband Jacob Merfeld didn't want his wife to go to prison at all, MLive reports.