Mark Dice Shows That Obama Supporters Are Willing to Literally Sign Away Their Rights


Fill in the following blank: Bill of _____.

With almost 99.9% confidence, I am sure that you answered correctly. Easy, right? You cannot imagine how someone could miss this. But what if they didn't miss it, and instead, voted to repeal it? At what level of misinformed and disengaged citizenship would you place them? If you aren't sure, watch the following clip:

Repeatedly, this uncommon — or so one would hope — and inexcusable mistake is made. "Would you like to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights?" Mark Dice asks, receiving no more than a nod and a John Hancock. Ironically, this sub-section of the population — and exact opposite of what our founders called an "educated electorate,"— agree to sign away their ability to even sign the petition in the first place.

This should make any red-white-and-blue bleeding American writhe in patriotic pain. Not only do these California natives fail to question Dice's sanity when he asks them to repeal one of the most core documents of our nation's inception, but they fail to even question him at all. Furthermore, the use of the president's credibility as a means of bolstering the petition's goals illuminates both a lack of political awareness and a lack of critical thinking.

But maybe we should forgive them for they know not what they do. When the majority of political discourse and education is done in 140 character or less, and one can follow CNN or the Jersey Shore's finest, why would the citizenry engage in serious reflection about what the nation means and where it came from? In fact, Gallup reports that 53% of Americans do not even know that the first 10 amendments to the Constitution is the Bill of Rights.

One could interpret this video as the erosion of American character by the Socialist agenda — proving that President Obama would rather us abdicate our rights than violate them; however, one need not hate the current administration to decry the video*.

Instead, recognize that this is what happens when our politicians choose to crowd out important issues, and our news sources take to name-calling and digitally-remixed reporting, and our political knowledge stems not from moderate reverence for our ideals but from shallow yet radical contortions of the truth. Honestly, how could we expect anything less than the signing of a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights? The decrepit state of political education and civic duty in this country, exemplified by this video, should light a fire under the proverbial shoes of this electorate — regardless of the party line on which you teeter.

* I would also encourage you not to take the first view because it is silly and a waste of time — but hey, that is just me.