Andrew Brietbart's Obama Video: Slam or Sham?


When watching Andrew Brietbart's Obama video, I was waiting for a reenactment of Chris Farley on stage during his brother's 'Rock the Vote' Election Campaign in the movie "Black Sheep." I think we all had our hopes up after reading the headlines. Thankfully, the now "Leader of the Free World" did not disgrace himself with a meltdown on the level of Alex Baldwin or Mel Gibson. Here is my analysis of Brietbart's Obama video:

Top reasons why this video is a slam

1. Obama is strongly connected with Derrick Bell. He is a Harvard tenured professor who is creditied with "Critical Race Theory." It is a Neo-Marxist examination and critique of society and culture to the intersection of law, race and power. Please do your own research on this theory, but it doesn't sound like it will do a whole lot to get rid of racism in America. If anything, it fuels it.

2. This video brings up the racially-charged Jeremiah Wright (Obama's pastor) issue that many American's struggled with last election because some of Wright's beliefs were at odds with American values. The quote, "God damn America" comes to mind.

3. After a large national rejection of Obama's policies (as evidenced by Obama's approval rating and his loosing almost 60 seats in the last round of Congressional races), he is trying to paint himself as a centrist (see page from Bill Clinton's playbook). This video makes Obama look like an extremist right before the last and most important election of his lifetime.

Top reasons why this video is a sham

1. No shock value. Obama did not do anything ostensibly extreme. Period.

2. Obama is a winner. I know it sounds like a trite reason, but Americans let other Americans get away with almost anything if they are winners and champions (see Bill Belichick). Right now, Obama is President of the USA and champion in the hearts if millions of Americans. It's gonna take a lot more than that video to change that.

3. Obama has already stood against the attacks questioning his ancestory. This video is four years too late. People are tired of hearing that he is a Muslim and not a U.S. citizen. This is why Obama's campaign staff said, "Of course we hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don't care if they find it now."

4. Today, all of the racist and sexist notions contained in Bell's "Critical Race Theory" are politically correct. Therefore, connecting Obama with Bell will not deliver that knockout punch Andrew Brietbart was hoping for because few people are even outraged that the "Critical Race Theory" is being taugh in American universities.

To sum it up, I will repeat a business axiom my boss taught me. "Under-promise and over-deliver."

Andrew Brietbart over-sold this one; therefore, this video was a sham.

Photo Credit: markn3tel