It Took This Citizen Less Than 2 Minutes to Take Down the Entire GOP's Anti-Choice Argument


"This is my government, ma'am, and I will judge you."

These are the last words uttered by 28-year-old Sarah Slamen before she was interrupted by Republican Chairwoman Jane Nelson and forced out of a public testimony hearing about hyper restrictive anti-abortion bill SB1 that would close most abortion clinics in Texas. 

Watch state troopers put an aggressive end to her inspiring (and practically improvised) speech when she starts destroying the oldest anti-woman arguments in the conservative book.

Wait for 2:09 where she yells "This is a farce! The Texas legislature is a bunch of liars who hate women!" 

Who else REALLY wants to go for a drink with Sarah Slamen when she moves to New York? Since the draconian anti-abortion bill is probably going to pass thanks to the patronizing partisan gimmicks of Rick Perry, I think we'll all need a cocktail to take in the fact that it will be virtually impossible to get an abortion in the state of Texas.

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