Steve Grand YouTube: 'All-American' Boy Video Is Not Just About Being Gay

The final scene of country singer Steve Grand's All-American Boy video is probably one of those instances controversial televangelist Pat Robertson referred to when he said he wished Facebook had a "vomit" button for gay pictures. 

So make sure you share this with him.

Bigots aside, Grand's groundbreaking video has understandable gotten a lot of attention, as well as love and hate, due to the fact that it's told from the point of view of an "All-American" gay man who "misreads the signals from a straight 'all-American' male friend."

According to HuffPo, the song was inspired by 23-year-old Grand's own story. "One of my [camp] counselors was warm and strong and he took an interest in me — not sexually, but as a friend, and it really moved me," said Grand — who also opened up about the reparative or "ex-gay" therapy he underwent shortly after coming out to his family.   

But, as Grand admits, though "All-American Boy" it's told by a gay man, its theme of unsolicited love resonates with anyone who has gone through a similar experience regardless of her or his gender, age and/or sexual orientation.

That's why 'All-American Boy' is on its way to reach 1 million plays and 25,000 subscriptions on his official YouTube channel.  

Watch the video below: