Tropical Storm Chantal Gets Flights Canceled and Changes Cruise Itineries


Vacations in the Carribbean are just going to have to wait until after the storm has cleared.  Due to the arrival of tropical storm Chantal, American Airlines and GOL Transportes Aereos alone have canceled canceled 20 flights collectively for trips from Miami International Airport to Dominican Republic and Haiti. Several more airlines have aslo cancelled their flights to Hispaniola. Nonetheless, according to American Airlines spokesperson Dori Alvarez, the airline company expects to resume its normal flight schedule tomorrow, barring more severe weather conditions. 

As for cruises, the party does not stop. Instead, companies like Carnival Cruises have changed their itineraries by either going to their places of destination in reverse order as to avoid the storm or making stops earlier than scheduled. If cruisers catch any part of the storm (hopefully just a little rain at most), this should not be surprising. Experiencing a little rainfall (a really small amount) can be part of a fun and safe tropical adventure.