Fox News Pundit Shows Astounding Hatred Of First Amendment


I couldn't agree more with Bob Beckel when he called the Nigerian-based Islamic jihadist militant group Boko Haram "thugs, murders, and terrorists." I couln't disagree with him more when he stated that "[he] would not have another mosque built in this country until we got it worked out who is not a terrorist."

This past April, Beckel had made another anti-Muslim comment stating that we (the U.S.) should cut off Muslim students from coming to this country. I adamantly believe that it is a priority of the administration to protect the U.S. from foreign and domestic attacks, but blaming the entirety of the Muslim world for the reprehensible actions of radical terrorist groups is a gross generalization.

Beckel's comments were perpetuated by the sickening actions of Boko Haram. The group seeks to establish Sharia law in Nigeria and prevent Westernization. On July 6, the terrorist group brutally killed 42 people, most of whom were young students. According to Human Rights Watch, over 3,600 individuals have been killed by attacks carried out by the terrorist organization in the past four year. These acts of violence are those of madmen. 

I am fully aware of the destruction and anguish radical Islamists have caused; the pain, the suffering, and the fear. Yet the extremist actions of various groups are not representative of the entire Muslim population. Beckel's suggestion would violate First Amendment rights, which clearly defines the freedom to practice any religion. I have known many Muslims throughout my life, and they haven't been raised to hate America.

Unlike many other nations, America is a country of acceptance. Let's not forget that.