Invisible Children Response Video to Kony 2012 Critics is Not Enough


The impact of the Kony 2012 video started out strong, with millions sharing and pushing for the cause, but after a few days, questions about the legitimacy of Invisible Children came to light. People love controversy, but will the same people who shared KONY 2012 be as willing to share the answers to skepticism given by CEO Ben Keesey?

In Invisible Children’s latest video, Keesey states that they want to be as “transparent as possible.” He explains the models, finances, and causes of this organization. Keesey even ends the video with a Twitter hashtag where questions about Invisible Children and what they do can be directly asked and answered by Keesey himself. Keesey does a great job at answering any controversial questions that came up through the use of media, but it may not be enough to regain the fervor of the campaign if people do not share this video in the same manner as they shared Kony 2012.

Keesey commented that many were skeptical of what actually happened with the organization's finances, so now the Invisible Children’s website includes all of their financial statements to ease the minds of those who were worried. All the information seems to meet up to the challenge of questioners, but it may not be enough.

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Even with the strong, emotional video intended to mend the problems, the Better Business Bureau once again planted a seed of doubt, when announcing that, “The BBB Wise Giving Alliance has tried for six years to get Invisible Children to cooperate in a charity review. Since 2006, BBB has sent 18 letters (12 via Certified Mail) to the non-profit behind the Internet phenomenon Kony 2012 video, but has received no response.” This news only fuels doubters to question what the aims of this organization really are. Although KONY 2012 was a powerful, moving video, there seems to be more and more evidence against this organization.

People are willing to get behind a cause that speaks to them, but Invisible Children brought the cause to light. So, it is necessary for all those who shared the video to step up and back up the organization they were so strongly behind. It is time for them to share this new video with all the skeptics so that Kony 2012 can regain the importance and urgency that it had from the start. 

Whether Invisible Children will ever regain a pristine reputation is still up in the air. The call for action day is April 20, 2012, but it may be too late for Invisible Children if they do not find a way to answer the lingering questions about their legitimacy.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons