Apple to Open R&D Center in Israel, Shows Why Country is a Tech Hub


From the Student's Center to the library, virtually every DePaul student has one or more Apple products. Whether it be an iPhone, an iPad, a laptop, or even simply an iTunes account, some sort of investment in the Apple Empire is nearly universal. And really, who can blame us? Apple has undoubtedly proven to be a model in innovative technology, making easy-to-use, reliable products which rival companies can only hope to compete with.

Given its remarkable innovative growth, one would assume that Apple's focus would naturally be on its research and development branch. However, this is far from the case. Rather, the amount of money spent on R&D by Apple is astonishingly low considering the company’s annual revenue. In fact, up until this year, the sole R&D center for the entire corporation has been the headquarters in Cupertino, California. 

However, all that is about to change. Apple has decided to open its first R&D center outside of California in Herzilya, Israel.

While to some, the decision to open such a major facility in a country roughly the size of Rhode Island may appear random, the news should come as no surprise to any technology junky. Despite its small size and mere 63 years of established independent statehood, Israel has managed to become a leader in the world of high-tech innovation. Such achievements have been recognized not only nationally, but in the global arena as well. In an article published recently in Canada’s Globe and Mail, Israel was listed as one of the top five most creative and innovative cities in the world. With the second highest concentration of high-tech companies in the world, topped only by Silicon Valley, Israel has more than earned its world-renowned fame as a leader in technological development.

Responsible for major developments such as the first cell phone and voicemail, it is no wonder that Israel was chosen to be the home of the first-ever Apple Research and Development Center outside of California. Apple's announcement serves as yet another testament to Israel, as the highly innovative high-tech hub in the Middle East, and its ongoing contributions to the rest of the world. 

Given its remarkable contributions and influence in the global arena, it's undeniable that Israel, despite its small size, short statehood, and difficult challenges, provides a vital and unparalleled service across the globe.

Photo Credit: nechbi