The Canyons Trailer: Can the Controversial Movie Save Lindsay Lohan?


If you're interested in seeing one of the most shocking transformations of all time, just compare Lindsay Lohan when she starred in Disney's The Parent Trap (1998) with her upcoming performance The Canyons

Your reaction might look a little something like this:

Source: E-Online

After months of eagerly awaiting (or dreading) an indication of what to expect from Bret Easton Ellis' new film, the trailer was was released this morning. Lohan's erotic and nude scenes have gotten people talking, but more importantly they're asking what in the world happened to Lindsay? 

Lohan has clearly come a long way since the days when she played the sweet and lovable dual-role of separated twins, Hallie and Annie Parker. She stars with James Deen as Tara, "a troubled actress mired in scandal." Hmmmm ...

Beginning with her DUI back in May 2007, we've watched the child star's gradual fall from grace. She has made the front page of tabloids all too many times, finding herself in and out of jail, on and off probation, failing to show up at alcohol education classes and finally getting busted with cocaine in her system before a drug test in 2010, landing her in rehab  (for the first time). In between all her legal trouble, Lohan has managed to get herself accused of stealingassault and a hit and run. One could say its been a downward spiral for the child star. But can Lohan redeem herself with The Canyons?

Source: E-Online

In the trailer between erotic scenes and a lot of nudity, Lohan says “I guess I'd like to keep some parts of my life private,” to which Deen's producer responds, “Nobody has a private life anymore." 

Oh, the irony.  

You should probably just watch the trailer.

Lohan had some good moments on screen before she hit the deep end. Her roles in The Parent Trap, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Just My Luck, Georgia Rule, and finally Lifetime movie Liz & Dick weren't quite Academy Award winning performances, but they were entertaining. 

Maybe The Canyons will bring back a piece of the old Lindsay and give the fallen starlet some inspiration to stay clean. But don't hold your breath. The film will be released on August 2.