Immigration Reform Letter Drafted By House Republicans Gets Destroyed By Rep. Mark Takano



That is what Congressman Mark Takano of California's 41st District thought of a letter drafted by House Republicans regarding immigration reform. Addressed to the speaker, the letter was being passed around looking for cosigners.

The former high school teacher decided to make his own mark, and it wasn't the signature his Republican colleagues were looking for. Blanketing the letter in red pen, Congressman Takano highlighted the many conflicting statements presented by his colleagues. As you can tell, there was virtually no evidence provided to sustain any of the claims.

Here are some brief thoughts:

1. Opening sentence: I agree with Congressman Takano, the thesis is strong: "Our Immigration system is broken and in need of serious reform." I couldn't agree more. Check plus for House Republicans. 

2. Second sentence: "We must secure our border, improved interior enforcement, streamline legal immigration, and modernize our visa system to meet the needs of our economy." Yes! This is essentially what the Senate Bill is ... could it be the House Republicans support the ideas proposed in the Senate Immigration Bill?!

3. Third paragraph, last sentence: "In our view the bill is inadequate, unfair, and unfixable- and it is precisely because the bill tries to address every issue at once that it is unworkable." Aww no, :(, sad face, my hopes crushed.

Take some time to read the congressman's comments because he responded perfectly. 

In all seriousness, the authors offer two opposing opinions within the first three paragraphs. Already the letter has failed to present a convincing argument. As the letter continues, further statements are made with no supporting evidence. In addition Congressman Takano points out that they forgot to mention one of the central debates surrounding the reform; what about the 11 million illegal immigrants already here? I am all for debate, disagreement, and discussion, but let's conduct it in an intelligent, thoughtful, and substantive manner.