3 Ways to Celebrate the Greatest '90210' Reunion Ever


Does the song “Losing Your Religion,” remind you of Brenda breaking up with Dylan?

Are you still tormented over Kelly stealing Dylan from Brenda?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then 90210 fans (the original, obviously) everywhere can rejoice with you!

"Brenda and Kelly," known in real life as Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth, recently went to see their old West Beverly pal Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering) in Vegas! Ian is headlining with the Chippendales and Shannen and Jennie posted photos on their Instagram profiles, which set off a 90210 fan frenzy: because if you’re a fan, you know 90210 reunions are EVERYTHING.

In honor of such a joyous occasion I am composing a list of the top three best Kelly and Brenda moments of all time.

1. Spring Dance 1991

As if anyone could forget the Spring Dance fiasco of 1991. In the season one episode entitled: "Spring Dance," Brenda and Kelly are interested in the same dress but both decide together not to buy it. Yet come dance night they both show up in the same dress and both refuse to change. Jim (Brenda's dad) snaps a pic (pre-digital camera, pre-Instagram: the horror!) while proclaiming they look like the Bobbsey Twins!

2. If It Walks Like a Duck and Talks Like a Duck ...

In this season three episode: "Rebel With a Cause," Brenda and Kelly have an epic showdown when Brenda runs into Kelly and Dylan out on their first official date (Brenda had just broken up with him!). Brenda, having no knowledge of their affair, rips into Kelly with one of her most infamous zingers: “Well Kel, I was always taught: if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck ...” and Kelly cuts her off retorting: “Go to hell!” and storms out.  Every time I watch this scene it still sends chills down my spine!

3. "Wedding Bell Blues"

Kelly finally calls Brenda out on her self-centered ways in this season two finale: "Wedding Bell Blues." In the aftermath of Brenda and Dylan getting caught for sneaking off to Mexico, all Brenda can talk about is the status of their relationship.  Meanwhile, Kelly has been dating Jake, the construction guy her mom hired to work on their house (little known fact: Jake’s character was meant to be a parlay into Melrose Place, which started that year). At the rehearsal for Kelly’s mom’s wedding, Kelly tries to relate to Brenda’s problems by talking about her own with Jake; Brenda instantly dismisses Kelly’s relationship, claiming it’s not even on the "Donna and David level" OUCH! Kelly is finally fed up and calls Brenda a "self-centered bitch" in front of everyone.

These are only three of the many great Brenda and Kelly moments and when the actors get together like they recently did, it's always fun for fans to reminisce about the good old days.