5 Female Journalists Advancing Women in the World


By reporting on women's issues here and abroad, these five women have helped breakdown stereotypes and have effectively advocated for women: 

1. Maureen Dowd

New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd has forever been a champion of women, women’s issues, and any man who she can make look foolish in her smart, hilarious columns. Once called “America’s Most Dangerous Columnist,” Dowd is the fourth woman to have a regular column in the Times’ op-ed page and has covered the hypocrisy of the ‘War On Women’ within the GOP to the ludicrousness of Rick Santorum and his anti-women sentiments. Her unique writing persona reads as if she is simply talking to her readers about the irony of Limbaugh’s statements and make her an intelligent and bold journalist able to fight for women with ease. Writing to “inform and amuse” her readers, she is one of the best female journalists of our time. Her writing style is certainly unusual, but she herself is an anomaly. As a single, extremely successful woman, she represents financial independence that some see as impossible without a man. While many see her as a Democrat, Dowd transcends party lines, using the example of her ruthless coverage of Clinton’s impeachment.

2. Melinda Henneberger

Writer Melinda Henneberger is a former reporter for The New York Times and editor for Newsweek, and now Washington Post political writer and anchor of the blog ‘She the People.’ She encourages women to speak up across the world. She has never shied away from criticizing Sarah Palin or telling us why we should all be pro-choice. Henneberger is a witty, fearless journalist that has helped diminish stereotypes of women as passive. Follow her at @MelindaDC 

3. Michelle Goldberg

Author and senior contributing writer for The Daily Beast, Michelle Goldberg never holds back from a good debate defending women. Riding Komen for its careless decision to defund Planned Parenthood, she called Karen Handel’s exit from Komen a move to boost “her political prospects” and delineated why a GOP win would “spell the end of reproductive health for global women.” Her thoughtful writing always makes a persuasive argument on just why women are equal to men, and what the world needs to do to reflect that fact. Follow her at @Michelleinbklyn

4. Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour, Global Affairs Anchor of ABC News and correspondent to CNN, empowers women across the world to speak out. As one of the world’s most renowned journalists, she has covered women’s issues in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Israel. She proves that gender inequality exists in every region of the world.

5. Sarah Kliff

Washington Post columnist and former staff writer at Newsweek, Sarah Kliff has never been afraid to tackle women’s issues. She has written about the role of women in the health-care reform debate as well as the idea that birth control boosts women’s salaries. She vehemently covered the Sandra Fluke debacle, interviewing her and revealing the true argument she tried to make to Congress. Follow her at @sarahkliff.

Photo Credit: david_shankbone