14 Hilarious Deleted Tweets From Politicians

ByGabriel Grand

Most politicians' tweets these days are absolute garbage: pandering, politically-correct, tedious, repetitive waste. Every once in a while, though, a politician's thumbs will prove faster than his or her brain, and the result is downright hilarious. Unfortunately for us, a simple click of the "delete" button can save your average member of congress from a "binders full of women" moment, scrubbing their tweet from the public record.

That's why we have Politwoops, a website run by the Sunlight Foundation that automatically tracks and saves tweets that American politicians share and then, for whatever reason, choose to delete.

The vast majority of the tweets on Politwoops deserved to be sent to the graveyard. They contain spelling mistakes or cite inaccurate poll data. There are more than a few instances of "Testing 123," but there's also an occasional tweet that seems perfectly legit.

If you wander through this museum of exhumed tweets for long enough, you're bound to come across a couple nuggets of pure comedic gold. Here are some of the deleted tweets that deserve to be inducted into the Politwoops Hall of Fame.

1. I didn't not just use a double negative, did I?

2. Next, they'll want your cyclops.

3. I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor.

4. You know what else is like the 'Hunger Games?' Politics.

5. Well, at least he's being honest.

6. His email password is "puppies."

7. Shh! Kanyashian runs things around here. You wouldn't want to upset the Secretary of Bling, would you?

8. Haven't felt that kind of rush since 'Nam.

9. Practice what you preach.

Yes, this is an actual picture of Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas' 27th District.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

10. Wait, those are both dudes ....

And here's the picture from the link in the tweet:

11. Thanks again for the toilet paper.

12. How to prop up a political puppet.

13. I really hope that's your daughter.

Spoiler alert: it was.

14. Now you're just trolling us, Steve.

Spoiler alert: he was.

Update: It looks like Victoria Brink wasn't Steve Cohen's daughter after all.

Gabe Grand is an editorialist for PolicyMic who never says anything stupid on Twitter, ever.

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