Zimmerman Not Guilty: Manslaughter Charge Fails


Sanford, Florida: George Zimmerman is a free man. The 28-year-old Hispanic man from Florida narrowly avoided decades in a state prison for the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

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The George Zimmerman trial sharply divided the nation with many individuals left speechless over the not guilty verdict reached by the six-women jury. Many residents remain outside the Sanford courthouse chanting “Justice for Trayvon” – seemingly devastated that Zimmerman will walk free.

No Justice for Trayvon Martin? The Trouble with Manslaughter Charges

Don West and Mark O’Mara spoke to the media in a press conference tonight and did not hesitate to speak poorly of the State’s prosecution. O’Mara said he took insult with the prosecution’s assumption both he and West were “inexperienced public defenders” and said they won an unfair fight.

George Zimmerman Verdict: Let’s Talk Racial Privilege

The Zimmerman jury deliberated for about 14 hours and asked only two questions: 1) For an itemized listed of the evidence on Friday evening and 2) For clarification on the legal definition of manslaughter, though the jury never actually received any detailed answer.

The court responded with a request for the jury to ask a specific question related to their confusion but the jury reached a verdict within the hour. Zimmerman remained expressionless as the "not guilty" verdict was delivered. 

Many legal experts were convinced George Zimmerman faced almost certain conviction on the manslaughter charge, tucked in by the prosecution at the last minute, following the original charge of second-degree murder.

Police across the nation are prepared for possible riots following the dramatic conclusion to the George Zimmerman trial. Trayvon Martin's family has yet to release a statement to the media.