You Won't Believe How Much the Clintons Make Off Speeches


Being a public figure is tough on a person, and with the fame comes the micro-analyzing of every move the figure makes. However, the more prominent an individual is, the more valuable their voices become and this is a privilege that Hilary Clinton is capitalizing on.

Since Bill left the White House, the Clintons have managed to pick up $100 million worth of speeches. Now, Hillary is making her way around the world cashing in her words for some serious cash and as expected, people are angry. 

"Oh no, more corrupt politicians!" some may cry but how is this corruption? If organizations are willing to pay the couple a few hundred thousand dollars for each speech they deliver, do not be so quick to blame the Clintons for accepting this oh-so generous compensation. 

Fact is, the Clintons, as we know, are highly venerated people and when one reaches a position of prominence that this couple has, one ‘s words and presence, to put it simply, become ultra profitable. The frustration that some are expressing from this situation, however, is not unfounded. 

One may be wondering how it is that he or she is working double time doing X job while just to live somewhat comfortably while these two are being showered in cash just to show up at an event and say just a few words to woo the crowd. Earning $200,000 for a speech certainly is a little too high of a compensation and yes it may seem a bit unfair, but the Clintons are not the only public figures who have enjoyed this lucrative practice of cashing in on speeches. 

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee also received harsh criticism when he skipped on out to the Cayman Islands in 2008 to deliver a paid speech and defended his actions with what seemed like a pretty honest response.

"I'm not independently wealthy," Huckabee said. "I wish I was. I have to make a living. I do that through my writing and speaking."

Bills must be paid and for some like the Clintons, lifestyles must be upkept somehow. If anything, blame the hosts who are offering these incredibly extravagant compensations for the speeches because the Clintons and any other public figure making bank on their words are not paying themselves. 

For those worried that Hillary has completely given up working for the greater good, she still gives unpaid talks for the advocacy work she does for the Clinton Foundation and still engages in public service. However, if you are absolutely convinced that the Clintons are bad news, sadly, you will still have to hear about them in the news. On the bright side, though, if Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016 and you still dislike her by that time, you can opt not to vote for her.