31 Inspiring Images From The Trayvon Martin Protest In New York


1. Before The March Began, People Assembled At Union Square.

2. Emotions Were Running High, But There Was No Indication That The Rally Would Take To The Streets.

3. The March Spontaneously Erupts. There's Some Confusion, But Mostly Purpose As The People Annexed Manhattan.

4. Suddenly, There Were Thousands Of Us Marching Together And Taking Over The City.

5. Old And Young Were Marching.

6. Many Children Were Part Of The Protest Too.

7. Many Were Holding These.

8. Some Made Signs Out Of Their Bodies.

9. Some Made Bodies Out Of Signs.

10. Even Stalled New Yorkers Recognized The Importance Of This March.

11. People From All Walks, Walked Together, And They Walked Towards Justice.

12. All Of Us Seeking Answers. All Of Us Seeking Justice.

13. Being Silent Was No Longer An Option.

14. There was Outrage.

15. But The Protest Was Peaceful.

16. The Message Was Strong.

17. "What Do We Want? Justice. When Do We Want It? Now."

18. "The Whole System's Guilty!"




22. Suddenly, The Police Presence Increased, But No One Cared."Whose Streets? Our Streets!"

23. "No Justice. No Peace."

24. It Was Time For The Silenced To Be Heard.

25. As Police Presence Increased, People Feared They Would Slow Down The March.

26. The NYPD Walked Along Protesters.

27. One Father Steeled The Crowd To Move On, "TIME SQUARE!"

28. With The Weight Of The Next Generation On His Shoulders, This Father Marched On And His Little Boy Glimpsed Justice On The Horizon.

29. At Times Square, All Were Shocked To Find The NYPD Blocking The Way.

30. When The NYPD Stopped Cooperating With The March, Protesters Created A Human-Chain To Block Oncoming Traffic.

31. But Even After Blockades Were Set-Up, The Protest Went On. The Little Boy Learned, From Atop His Father's Shoulders, That The March Of Justice Never Ends.