The 10 Best Places to Be a Man


As we celebrated International Women’s Day last week, I came across an article about the best (and worst) places to be a woman, which made me wonder what such a list would look like for a man. Here are some of my thoughts (to be taken with a grain of salt):

1) Best place to be a man: ____________. Feel free to fill in the blank with the country of your choice, since inequality between men and women still remains prevalent pretty much everywhere around the globe. (Granted, in some countries the gap is not as substantial as in others.)

2) Best place to be a politician: Italy. Oh, wait, no, that’s no longer the case… I suppose I would have to nominate Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, and Belize, where women are not represented in parliament.

3) Best place to be a head of state: Definitely not Sri Lanka, where women have run the country for 23 years. The United States? Who wouldn’t want to be described as the “leader of the free world," right?

4) Best place to be a top dog: Japan. Only 8% of senior management positions are held by women in the Asian country, which means that men rule, right?

5) Best place to be an athlete: The U.S. would not be a bad place to start. Five of the 10 highest paid male athletes in 2011, were from the U.S. If your soccer skills are solid, you might also want to consider Spain.

6) Best place to find a girlfriend in college: must be Qatar, since six women are enrolled in college for every man. Just keep in mind that the majority of them are likely Muslim, so being open-minded about Islam would be a plus.

7) Best place to get married if you don’t truly believe in marriage: Guam. The North Pacific island has the highest divorce rate in the world.

8) Best place to satisfy your sexual drive: Greece. A survey found that Greeks practice sex more frequently than respondents from another 25 polled countries  (87%  on a weekly basis, compared to 53% in the U.S., or 55% in the UK). Granted the survey is somewhat outdated, let’s hope the economic crisis has not diminished their libido! Brazil and Russia were also great destinations.

9) Best place to drive a car: Saudi Arabia, given that women are not allowed to drive there. And we all know that female drivers are the worst! I assume there are no traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia, banning women from driving surely took care of that problem.

10) Best place to live long: Monaco. According to a 2011 statistic, male life expectancy in Monaco is the highest compared to any other country, standing at 85.77 years. Of course, who doesn’t want to live in Monaco?! Sorry gents, women will nonetheless survive you in this small Mediterranean haven, where female life expectancy stands at 93.69 years.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons