More Zimmerman Protests Will Happen On July 15


Protests have spread across the nation and along with NYC and LA, major protests have happened in Baltimore, Seattle, and Raleigh, among many others. Several cities that began their marches on Sunday will be continuing on Monday evening.

The Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee has posted a list of cities that will be holding marches Monday evening and it reads as follows:

Bronx, NY: 6pm at Hunts Point Plaza

Carbondale, IL: 4:30pm at Senator Paul Simon Federal Building

Chicago, IL: 7pm at 51st and King Drive

Manhattan, NY: 6pm at Union Square Park

Minneapolis, MN: 6pm at Hennepin County Government Center

This list evidently is not comprehensive but you can expect most major cities will be holding rallies in the coming days. If you are upset with the verdict, attend the closest march, show your support for the cause, and tweet your photos to @PolicyMic.