11 Things to Do On Your Last Truly Lazy Summer Before College

BySavvy Smith

Now that you will be continuing your scholastic endeavors in the fall, you have just under two months to savor in your hometown. Whether you’re moving across the state, country or even world the following list will help you best bask in your hometown glory while it shines over you one last time this summer!

1. Change it up

Going to college is a good time to start over. Tired of wearing your sibling’s hand-me-downs? Get a whole new look. Get some new threads and change your style.  Had the same haircut since you could count? Revamp it, chop it all off, dye it! Have fun with your look and creating a new you.

2. Take a hike

No, seriously get out and take a hike up to a local viewpoint where it’s high enough for you to be able to full take in your hometown in its entirety. Maybe even go with some of your friends and have a picnic at the peak.

3. Get cookin'

Understandably enough, you may have clocked a lot of family time hours over your lifetime (up until this point), but before you journey out on your own, hold an appreciation dinner for your family. Make them a classic or staple like macaroni and cheese, chicken Parmesan, or anything that your family always makes. If you’re not a natural born Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray, try looking up some recipes on FoodNetwork.com for inspiration or meal plans.

4. University of Party

I'm not saying hold a Project X-worthy party but try hosting a university themed party with your high school friends. You can all wear a shirt or hoodie rocking their new school emblem or colors. You can take the time to reminisce one last time, celebrate your accomplishments and futures. 

5. Make a splash!

Organize a beach or lake day with your high school friends and enjoy the elements! You guys can BBQ, swim, talk, frolic, and much more. You don’t know when you will get a chance to have everyone together again.

6. Scavenger hunt

Have a scavenger hunt with your friends marking really important moments within your group and memories that you want to relive.

7. Papa-Paparazzi

Pick a day to just go around your town and take pictures of places you never want to forget. Print them out and make a collage so you never do.

8. Learn something new

Take this time to learn something you’ve always wanted to but never had the time or kept putting off. Want to learn how to play guitar? Juggle? Just give it the go ole college try!

9. Get it together

Look, you have less than two months to get your stuff together, literally. If you’re already labeled, loaded and color-coded fantastic make sure you have absolutely everything you will need at your home away from home. If you have to buy a shower caddy or a shoe rack make sure you get it so you won’t have to worry about it when you get there.

If you aren’t all that organized take the initiative to get all your belongings in order. Take advantage of the extra and more experienced hands … aka your parents or family and friends.

10. Play catch-up

Read a few books you’ve been dying to finish, because it’s hard to get classes where you read books you actually like in college. Also watch some of your favorite movies and/or TV shows; you’ll be far too busy with your academics for such frivolousness (wink, wink).

11. Get going

Take a trip to your new school and explore the surrounding area. Make sure you know your way around the place before your settle down. Enjoy.