5 NYC Democratic Mayoral Candidates Blast George Zimmerman Verdict


Commentary on the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case continues to grow as multiple candidates for the November NYC mayoral race were swift to voice their opinions. The majority of them denounced the verdict. It has been interesting to witness the various responses made by public figures during the aftermath the case; some have remained passive, while others have been extremely vocal. Frontrunners for the Republican nomination have not commented. Mayor Bloomberg has also made no public statement regarding the verdict

At times, I do feel that certain comments exacerbate the situation but in this globally recognized case, discussion is vital and must continue. This is not an isolated scenario. Shootings like this happen all the time and the dialogue must proceed so that our society can strive to curb the reoccurring violence. I say again; the discussion is crucial.

1. Bill Thompson

The former comptroller of New York City made the most terse statement compared to his rivals. "Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black," Thompson said.

2. Anthony Weiner

"Keep Trayvon's family in our prayers. Deeply unsatisfying verdict." tweeted the former Congressman. "Let's make the legacy of Trayvon a commitment to ending racial profiling."

3. Christine Quinn

The City Council Speaker Quinn called the verdict "a shocking insult to his family and everyone seeking justice for Trayvon." Quinn released a supplementary statement saying "we must also put an end to a culture that presumes any young man of color — little more than a child — is looking to commit a crime, simply because he was walking down the street."

4. Bill de Blasio

Recently arrested Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio commented that the verdict was "a slap in the face to justice."

5. John Liu

New York City Comptroller John Lui voiced his opinion as well. "Today's decision is shocking and highlights the sad reality that the day of equal justice for Trayvon and millions of other young men of color has yet to arrive."