Lewis Black Gives Hilarious 'Daily Show' Response to Rick Perry's Anti-New York Ad


Texas Governor Rick Perry might want to bring more businesses to Texas by running a series of radio ads in places that allegedly have too much regulation, but boy did he mess with the wrong city. In an ad designed to coax New York businesses into relocating to Texas, Perry says, "The new New York sounds a lot like the old New York," citing the city's "higher taxes and stifling regulations" as reasons why businesses should move to his state. 

Listen for yourself.

Perry notes that Texas has "no state income tax and fair and predictable regulations," and has "been ranked #1 for business for the ninth straight year by Chief Executive Magazine." Worst of all, "Bureaucrats [tell] us whether we can even drink a big gulp." 

Whether that's true or not is pretty much irrelevant here. What is relevant, as comedian Lewis Black pointed out on Wednesday's Daily Show, is that New York is still better than Texas.