Uncle Jesse is Making a Totally Awesome Comeback On Jimmy Fallon's Show


Have you heard of "Jesse & the Rippers?" If you grew up watching Full House, you're probably familiar with the band headlined by Jesse Katsopolis, played by John Stamos, now 49. And if you thought "Jesse & the Rippers" had retired their guitars, think again. Stamos and his Rippers will grace 30 Rock this Friday on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallonaccording to the NY Daily News.

Jimmy Fallon has hosted just about every big name celebrity and musical performance on the map, so where do "Jesse & The Rippers" fit into the mix? Inviting Stamos and Co. the the stage could be a smart move on Fallon's part, who caters to a younger audience than fellow late show hosts and competitors, Jay Leno and David Letterman. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and Fallon will transport audiences back to the good ol' days of Full House. 


John Stamos posted a video on his Instagram account of "Jesse & The Rippers" reunited, rehearsing for their live TV performance. 

Source: NY Daily News

Based on the rehearsal performance, we can expect "Jesse & The Rippers" to play the beloved Full House theme song "Everywhere You Look." I wonder if our friends Bob Sagget or MK and Ashley Olsen will make an appearance? Tune in to Fallon this Friday for a blast from the past and a reminder of the glory days.