Meghan McCain in Playboy Reveals Racy, But Real, Views On Politics


As the GOP primaries march on, Playboy is getting into the political action. This time not through photos of the "Girls Next Door" decked in red, white, and blue, but through a "20 Questions" feature with a fully clothed Meghan McCain, the daughter of former presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). With Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) out of the running, no Sarah Palin in sight, and the unflattering looks of Rachel Maddow and Greta Van Susteren giving the political 411 on MSNBC and Fox News, McCain gives pretty outspoken views for a pretty good-looking girl. But as a politician's daughter, she really isn't out of line. McCain just sounds like every other American kid trying to find meaning in this year's presidential election.

The media loves to pick the brains of politicians' kids, which many times show they share similar personalities to their parents. Bristol Palin, with her on-and-off again engagement to Levi Johnston, and stint on Dancing with the Stars made her seem just as loony as her mother. Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton, with her clean-cut image shares the same go-getter attitude as her stately parents. The Obama girls appear to follow their mother's healthy diet campaign, while the media portrayed the Bush daughters as clueless as their dad.

But while these ladies try to make an image for themselves, completely separate from their parents, the media tends to deem them politically savvy, or at least worthy to report the news. Such is the case with Clinton and Jenna Bush Hager, neither of whom have degrees in communications or political science, but still have reporting gigs on NBC.

Perhaps such nepotism isn't entirely fair to all the decent-looking college girls in America working on journalism or political science degrees, but McCain, a politically conservative commentator on MSNBC, suggests it really is.

"I've been in politics literally my entire life," she said in her Playboy interview. "My mom was pregnant with me at the 1984 Republican convention. I was on my father's campaign when I was 13. I've earned the right to be here and talk about it, and I'm not scared to get down and dirty."

McCain shows she really isn't scared of being incredibly explicit, telling Playboy she's "strictly dickly" and that gay men love her because of her "big boobs and blonde hair." And like any politician's child, she keeps a bias towards her dad claiming he would have been "an incredible president" with "the craziest first daughter ever."

For a girl so verbally revealing, McCain shares the same views as young American voters. She's a Republican's daughter who knows the only way her father's party can survive is through picking up young voters, and a strongly opinionated woman when it comes to social issues like gay marriage. She does not take Bristol Palin seriously and has a rather cynical view towards politicians that aren't her father.

When it comes to being a presidential candidate's kid, McCain says, "Get sleep, be nice and shut up."

If McCain were to really do that, she would be doing the country a disservice.

Photo Credit: Flickr