Watch How Long It Takes 275,000 Dominoes to Fall


We all enjoyed creating monumental domino designs when we were younger, building something only to watch it fall in a melodic spiral. In the clip "Enjoy Your Life," you can watch 275,000 dominoes break a Guinness World Record. German-based Sinners Domino Entertainment collaborated with 12 builders for eight days to create an artistic domino masterpiece.

The architectural design of these dominoes are so mesmerizing, it almost appears unreal. This 10-minute video includes "features of Egyptian pyramids, Psy, and a scene from Titanic…" (Slate). Although this is certainly an aesthetic and compelling record-breaking visual, one must question the motivation behind it.

Building and tipping dominoes is fun to watch indeed, but from a psychological perspective, perhaps there is more to it than the excitement of falling dominoes. Why is it that the domino effect is so bewitching? The color schemes and stimulating movements certainly awaken our senses and prompt us to engage with the rhythmic flows of these visual pieces.

Whatever the intent in the construction and falling of dominoes is, this world-breaking beauty is worth the 10-minute watch. At the very least, it will drive others to build extraordinary pieces and watch them graciously dance their way down.

Grab your friends and colleagues and watch this colorful spectacular display that motivated 12 builders to design. I do wonder how they felt once all the pieces were down; perhaps this will only inspire them to construct something even more amazing in the years to come.