Need a Soundtrack For Summer? Terraplane Sun Has Got You Covered

If you’re taking a trip this summer, whether it’s to the beach or across the country, make sure Terraplane Sun is on your playlist. The five-piece band from Venice Beach is making waves in California, and their sound can give you some much-needed pep if you’re feeling weighed down by this year's muggy summer. This is the perfect music to play in the car, with the top down and the wind in your hair. They make it seem as if the beach is right around the corner.

Terraplane Sun’s single, “Get Me Golden,” is a good indicator for the rest of the EP’s warm, flowing sound. The music takes up space without imposing, like someone who you didn’t invite to a party but who made you glad they came. These guys straddle the line between easygoing and insistent with unhurried poise. The title track, “Ya Never Know,” holds a steady rhythm without clomping—a risk for bands that turn out a lot of mid-tempo songs.

The Ya Never Know EP was released last Tuesday. Get your download and crank it up at your next get-together. Goes best with sweat and beer.