What Will Be the Name Of the Royal Prince?

The much anticipated baby day has arrived. Since Buckingham Palace announced news of the Royal Baby over seven months ago, the world has been waiting to meet the future heir or heiress of the British throne. Finally, the wait is almost over; this morning just before 6 a.m., Prince William accompanied his wife, Kate Middleton, to St. Mary's Hospital in London where she is currently in the early stages of labor, according to Fox News. Palace officials confirmed the reports. 

The Duchess went into labor over a week later than her alleged due date of July 13. Sky News' royal correspondent, Paul Harrison, announced this morning that labor is going smoothly and "the Duchess' condition had been described as "very well."

The Palace will distribute news of the baby through "a mixture of tradition" — an official bulletin, as well as social media updates. Bets over the Royal Baby's name, however, could continue, as it could still be some time before Kate and William reveal the baby's name. 

Whatever the baby is named, and whenever he or she is born, this is an important day for not just the royal family but all of the U.K. An heir to the throne could arrive any minute.