10 Stories You Missed While CNN Covered the Royal Birth


The Royal Baby has arrived! What's attracting Americans to this story is probably post-colonial nostalgia. (Subconscious nostalgia, of course. AMURRICA!!) But as we twiddled our thumbs in anticipation of the royal heir, let's remember some of the other news that broke this Monday. From the political to the celebrity to the bizarre, here are 10 things you missed while cable news covered the royal birth. 

1. Nelson Mandela's Health is Improving

Nelson Mandela's condition is showing "sustained improvement," said the the office of South African President Jacob Zuma. President Zuma visited Mandela this Monday. Mandela has been hospitalized since June due to lung problems. He celebrated his 95th birthday last week.  

2. Series Of Earthquakes Hit Northwest China, At Least 89 Killed and 400 Wounded

A series of earthquakes hit Gansu Province, China this Monday. The estimated magnitude of the main earthquake was 6.6. But a few others that hit were measured as 5.9, 5.6, and 4.7. Most of the fatalities and injuries occurred in Minxian, a county located in the south of Gansu Province. The region as a whole is a mountainous, impoverished area. Reports are still coming in, but sources say that 89 people have been killed, and over 400 wounded. 

3. Texan Woman Falls to Her Death at Six Flags

Around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Rosy Esparza fell from a roller coaster after her safety-restraint latch came undone. Some witnesses attest that before the ride started, Esparza complained that her latch might be loose. She went to the amusement park with her 14-year old son. It was her first time there. He told reporters that she was his best friend. 

4. Ex-President Mohamed Morsi "Abducted by the Army"?

In a news conference in Cairo, Mohamed Morsi's family accused the Egyptian Army of abducting him. Since his July 3 ousting, Morsi has been held in an undisclosed location, without being charged of a crime. Morsi's daughter, Shaimaa, told reporters that her family is taking legal measures against Egypt's "putschist" army. 

5. Norwegian Rape Victim in Dubai Sentenced to 16 Months, Then Pardoned

After reporting her rape in Dubai, Deborah Dalelv, a Norwegian national, was sentenced to 16 months in prison for adultery. This weekend, Norwegian diplomats and human rights groups stepped up in Dalelv's defense. Soon after, Dubai officials pardoned Dalelv and returned her passport. She will leave in a few days. Dalelv's attacker was also pardoned from his prison sentence. Many are saying that her story shows the clash between Dubai's cosmopolitan vibe and its Islamic penal code.  

6. European Union Deems Military Wing of Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

On Monday, the European Union added the military wing of Hezbollah to a list of terrorist organizations. The EU will sanction the group economically. An EU official said this step was first and foremost "a political signal." The real concern is how the EU will be able to sanction Hezbollah's military without affecting other parts of the organization. Hezbollah is Lebanon's most powerful political party and provides an array of essential social services for its citizens. 

7. Tina Turner Marries Beau in Switzerland After 27-Year Courtship

On Sunday, Tina Turner wed her longtime partner, Erwin Bach. The two met at a party in London 27 years ago. Bach is 57 years old, 16 years Turner's junior. He is a German record company executive. The wedding ceremony took place in Switzerland, where Turner has lived for 20 years. 

8. Batman and Superman Will Team Up in 2015

At ComicCon on Saturday, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder made a surprise announcement about an upcoming film project. For the first time ever, Batman and Superman will be brought together in one film. Snyder said that no actor has signed on to play Batman yet. 

9. In 50 Years the Iberian Lynx Will Be Extinct — Blame Climate Change

A new study suggests that climate change could further threaten the Iberian lynx's existence. Shifting rainfall patterns are limiting its main food source, rabbits. It's a vicious cycle. Less rainfall means inadequate plant growth. If rabbits don't have enough to feed themselves, they die. And if the lynx doesn't have enough rabbits to feed, it will as well. The scientists devised "management plans" aimed at protecting the 250 remaining lynxes. But also noted that if lynxes are wiped out by the end of the century, that means the rabbit will be too. 

10. British Prime Minister David Cameron is Banning Porn by 2014

David Cameron announced on Monday that by the end of the year, every British household will have to declare "whether they want to maintain access to online pornography." Brits will be given an "unavoidable choice" of porn or no porn. Many are calling Cameron's dramatic move a middle finger to opponents that have rebuked him for being all talk and nothing else.